Worlds most popular combat sports

Combat sports have been popular since ancient times, and there is a wealth of choice as well as advantages and disadvantages in each form. This article focuses on the ones that are most practised at the present time. 

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Brought to prominence by the superb talents of mega stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Claude Vann Damme, karate, which has its roots in the East, is the the umbrella term which describes a number of combat disciplines. There are different elements which have to be mastered, these include: supreme strength and endurance, the handling of weapons, precision, psychological training, spirituality and art.

Judo and Sambo

These disciplines are quite similar, and the main difference is that judo originates from Japan, and Sambo from Russia, where it holds the title of the national sport. Judo’s main actions centre on groundwork and throwing the opponent. The sparring consists of: throws, chokes, locks, rolls, hold-downs and strikes; as well as elements of arts performance.

Sambo was inspired by judo, and involves sport, freestyle and combat. Unlike judo, protectors are worn on the head, legs and hands. There is more striking carried out than in judo, and there is no spiritual element. Learning either style is popular as the training is not as arduous as other combat sports.

Boxing and Kick Boxing

Boxing has always been a fun combat sport for both the components and the audience. It is defined by its striking blows and precision punches, and legends such as Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali have attracted countless people to the sport. It has often achieved heightened success through film stars such as Robert Dinero and Mickey Rourke.

Kickboxing is the art of being able to kick and box, and participants need the stamina of a boxer, and the flexibility of a high kicker.


Wrestling dates back to ancient times. Wrestlers have to have an extremely strong physique and following a very enduring training regime.

How to Prepare yourself for Fighting Sports

Fighting sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts demand a lot of physical strength as well as precision and agility. Therefore, it is important to prepare carefully before taking part in fighting sports. Here are some ways to prepare.

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For people who want to compete in fighting sports, training is essential. It is a good idea to get a coach, who will help you to stay focused and teach you certain fighting techniques that can help you become a champion. Creating a training schedule is a great way to stay focused, while having a training partner will also be a big help. However, it is important not to focus on just one part of the body when training and remember to use a range of different techniques.

Other Types of Exercise

While training helps to teach essential fighting skills and train certain parts of the body, it is important to make sure that the whole body stays fit and limber. Practicing yoga regularly is a great idea, as yoga uses all of the muscles in the body and can also be used to relax and focus the mind.

The Right Diet

People who are interested in fighting sports need to eat plenty of protein to keep their muscles firm and in good shape. This protein can come from lean meat, fish such as salmon and also certain vegetables. Most fighters also get a lot of their protein from eggs, while a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can help the body stay healthy and on top form. 

Get Plenty of Rest

People who are planning to compete will need to get plenty of rest before a big match. It is a good idea to meditate or practice some other type of relaxation exercises before competing to help the mind stay relaxed. Staying hydrated both before and during a fight is also essential, as the body can cramp if it becomes dehydrated.